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 THE online place to buy, sell, trade, and consign vintage old beer cans and brewery collectibles


Sell your old beer cans to me for cash! Call toll free 1-866-9-CANMAN (1-866-922-6626) or EMAIL ME and let's talk about your beer cans. I am always buying old US flat top and cone top beer cans, as well as some of the early or rare pull tab cans. Whether you've got a large collection or just a single can I'd love to hear about it! I am a COLLECTOR (collecting for nearly 40 years) and this is my HOBBY.  I do, however, spend cash on cans I need and cans for my trade stock. Whatever you do with your old cans, please use common sense so you don't get taken advantage of.

Want to win an indoor flat top beer can?  Send me an email asking to be added to the mailing list and you're automatically entered in the drawing. Limit 1 can per person per decade.

The Beer Magazine Viewer (BMV) is a Java program for viewing and keyword search of beer can collecting magazines. Over 19,500 pages of nine different publications have been scanned into a digital archive.

Click the BMV DVD graphic to the left for details or to order from my good friend, Randy
Karasek. If you are a Rusty Bunch member you can buy a copy for only $5 (yes, that's only FIVE DOLLARS)! If you're not a Rusty Bunch member ... you should be! Visit and join today.
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